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Mini Vacation

Friday, July 24th, 2009

A couple of weeks ago we went on a little vacation for a few days down at Chautauqua Lake. Rachelle's parents rented a house from a friend of theirs right on the water and we were able to take advantage of it too!

The house

This little house was where we (her parents, brother and us) stayed. The monster house in the background is where her dad's friend and wife live. We got there on Tuesday afternoon and left Thursday afternoon. We didn't really do anything while we were there, we just kind of wallowed around, it was fantastic. Rachelle's dad and brother went fishing for at least 12 hours a day; that still boggles my mind.

view from the deck

The view from the deck was very pleasant. Every once in a while you'd get a whiff of rotting seaweed which smelled like a hot sick ass, but after the first hour or so you could barely smell it.

Me reading a magazine i dunno

The flag picture was taken by Rachelle while she sat on the dock. It was kind of cool and there was a lot of wind off the lake that evening so I had my hood up and she thought it was a funny pic with the flag in the background.


On Wednesday night we watched some show on TV that had a piece on bed bugs. The next morning Rachelle totally found one on the couch that her brother was sleeping on! Before that show I would have just thought it was some harmless beetle or something, but it was totally a bed bug. When we got home we washed all the clothing we took with us and I even vacuumed out all of our luggage.

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