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Ground Bees

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

My current nemesis is a hive of ground bees in my back yard. Usually I let bees do their own thing, but these guys are getting in the way of me mowing, and since it's my yard, they had to go.

First I tried hitting them with some foaming bee/wasp/hornet spray which killed a bunch of them (see the video), but they came back. That is what I did last year to the other hive when I got stung twice while mowing. It worked then but not this time.

Then I tried some other spray, which also didn't work. Then I tried some powder called Sevin that you sprinkle near the entrance and hope they take it back for the queen to munch on. This seems to have worked. The guy that suggested it to me said to "sprinkle liberally" and I did; I completely filled in the entrance to the hive. They then dug a new hole a few inches over and I just sprinkled this stuff around it. After doing this I still saw some activity a day or so later but for that past few days I haven't seen anything buzzing around there. I even got right up to the entrance to take this picture and survived to tell the tale. I think that did the trick.


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big brother
#1 - Sep 17, 2009 at 6:16 PM
That Sevin stuff is the shiznat. I've used it around here a few times when yellow jackets took up residence in nooks and crannies. seems to wipe em out within a day or two.

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