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Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Last weekend I drove out to Albany for my friend Jason's bachelor party. One of the things we did was play paintball for a few hours. I had only played paintball once before at my own bachelor party but had a blast, so I was totally excited for this.

We played at a place called First Prize Paintball. We were able to get 10 people to go so we had a private party with our own referee. They have 4 different "courses" to play on: one brightly colored with inflatable obstacles, just like what you typically see on TV, an urban-like one with concrete ground and buildings, and two different overgrown woodsy fields with all sorts of obstacles. We played the majority of our games on the smaller woodsy field, it was the most fun.

paintball field

We also played a bunch of different games. Most of the time it was 1 or 2 shots and you're out. These were fun but sometimes could be too fast. Then we played "head-shots only", where you can get hit an unlimited number of times in the body but you're out when you get one in the head. These games took a LONG time; it can be luck just hitting someone at all, but actually hitting them in the head can be really hard. We played a few games of "capture the flag" which was fun but because they used an old dark shirt as the flag, it was really hard to see. There was also this game that involved medics. One person on each team was a medic and could heal people who got hit. This means the game keeps going until the medic get hit and then everyone gets out after him. The last type of game we played was all of us against the Jason. He could get hit as much as he could take but we were 1 hit and out. He won.

I got hit a bunch of times but only a few left lasting marks. My first hit of the day was right square in the ribs! It really hurt and left a nasty mark like a third nipple. I meant to bring gloves but forgot as usual and got hit right in the knuckle. This didn't hurt too much, but it looked nasty because it was bleeding.

third nipple

more paintball welts

paintball welt

At the end of the day when most of us were out of paintballs those who still had some left played a last game against one of the referees. It was all of them versus him, but he's practically a professional and had a fully automatic gun (like an Uzi that shoots paintballs)! I fully expected all of them to get slaughtered, but one of the guys (Shawn) ended up charging the pro while he was looking the other way and got him.

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