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Experts Exchange Snow Globe

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Today at work I found a package addressed to me in the main office. I recently ordered some stuff (drives, printers) but this box was too small for any of that and it was sent via USPS which resellers never use.

I opened the box and found a holiday thank-you card and a snow globe from Experts Exchange! If you're not familiar with EE, it's a website where you can ask or answer computer related questions. I've been a member for years now (back when it was free) and frequently share my nerd knowledge. The more questions you answer the more points you get. As you get more points you go up the ranks. Each new rank you get you achieve, you can get a t-shirt. I thought that was cool enough, but it was a nice surprise to get this gift with a hand written note. snow globe

Fun fact: Rachelle likes to say I'm on "that sex change site" when I'm looking at EE. If you take the hyphen out of the URL it could easily be mistaken as ExpertSexChange rather than ExpertsExchange.

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