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More Bandwidth from Road Runner

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Finally! The Road Runner people decided to join the 21st century and increase the upload bandwidth to their Rochester customers.

They've been exclaiming for years how fast they are that they're the best at everything. They've raised their download speed a few times in recent years, which is great; the last time I looked it was around 10Mbps. But they seem to have totally forgotten about their upload bandwidth, which the last time I checked was around 384Kbps (just about 4% of their download speed). The cable modem technology (docsis) is asymmetric, but this was just a little too extreme. I've called and complained about this before and the answer I always received was "you shouldn't be running any servers, so the majority of your bandwidth should be incoming, not outgoing." That reason doesn't really float when you consider how people use the internet now. People are constantly uploading pictures and videos to sites like facebook and youtube to share with their friends and family. It was just painful to try to upload a high-def video.

On Friday I found out that our internet wasn't working at home. This was the first time in a very long time we had a service interruption. I did the usual things, checking the computers, power-cycling the cable modem and finally I did the same to my router (even though I knew it was working fine) and it started working again. Later I found out that they had changed my IP address. They use dynamic addresses for residential customers, but it had not changed in years. This was a little annoying since my (and Rachelle's) personal email is hosted on a server in my basement, so I had to make some changes that took a few hours before email started flowing normally again.

This morning while uploading a video to facebook I noticed that it was going out 3 times faster than normal. I did a little snooping and found that I can now upload at 1Mbps! Still pathetically slow (10% of download speed) but way better than it was.

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