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Wii Netfilx Streaming

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

My streaming disc finally arrived yesterday! I've been waiting every since Netflix announced that they were soon to support streaming their movies over Wii systems. Other game systems like the Xbox and PS3 have already had this functionality for quite some time now, which was annoying, but I'm pleased now that they support the Wii too.

Netflix Wii streaming disc

As soon as I got home I threw it in and started playing with it. When you put the disc in it wants to do a Wii system update, of course, which I was not too pleased about. I've previously made a few modifications to my Wii so updating to the latest software is never a good idea since Nintendo is constantly trying to stop people from messing around with the property they legally purchased and own. Needless to say I did not do the system update. Instead I found an alternate way of launching the disc and it ran just fine. So the update wasn't even necessary for the software to run on the console...just a way to force you to update.

Netflix Wii streaming disc system update

Netflix Wii Streaming disc wiiflow

Once it was running it came up with an activation screen and presented me with a code. I had to their website and activate the disc with the code. I assumed you just had to sign into your Netflix account with your name and password once you run the disc, but it looks like that particular disc is linked to my specific account now, so I can't let my friends borrow it, or if I do they'll only have access to my instant play queue. This is also annoying.

Netflix Wii streaming disc activation

Once I activated on their website the game almost immediately opened up my account and let me pick a movie to watch. From there I just clicked on a movie and it started playing. It worked great! My only peeve is that it's limited to 480p because that's the highest resolution the Wii can do. This is a colossal failure by Nintendo considering both its direct competitors (xbox, ps3) have high definition outputs. However the quality was actually pretty good for standard definition. It looks like normal TV when you switch to a channel that doesn't support HD. It even gives you the chance to resume playback, very useful when you take the baby into consideration.

Netflix Wii streaming disc instant queue

Now if only I could get the streaming working on my home theater pc, that'll do 720p resolutions no problem.

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