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Friday, June 4th, 2010

This past weekend was a 3-dayer because of Memorial Day. We picked this weekend to Baptize Claire because my family was coming from pretty far out of town and could have some extra time to get back home.

I have a relatively small family and most of them live pretty far away from Rochester. Because of that I didn't invite everyone. I would have loved to have everyone but I didn't want people to feel obligated to make the long (300+ mile) journey for one day on a holiday weekend. I wouldn't have had room to house everyone either. Nearly all of Rachelle's family lives pretty close so they could drive up and go back home the same day.

We picked my sister and Rachelle's sister for the godparents and were pleasantly surprised that there was no problem with that. I guess there are churches that require god parents be male and female, but our church is pretty open minded. We also didn't have to prove anything to them, like showing our marriage certificate or the any kind of Catholic credentials for the god parents, which was also surprising and refreshing. I've gotten used to the idea that the Catholic Church makes you jump through hoops to get anything done.

Claire's baptism

The ceremony was a little long but very nice. It was during a public mass and they also baptized another baby at the same time. I was very pleased that Claire was by far the better behaved baby. She didn't make a peep the whole time, even when the priest was smearing crap on her head or pouring the water over it. The other kid was fussing and screaming and made Claire look like an angel. She wore a gown for the service that was made from Rachelle's grandmother's wedding dress. All of her siblings and cousins were baptized in that gown too.

Claire and Whitney

We invited everyone (family) from the church over to our house for some food after the service. For a couple weeks before all of this we had to get into cleaning-machine mode since people would be in our house. We weren't huge cleaners before Claire and that hasn't improved after her arrival. But we finished what we needed to do and everything was sparkling for the party. We got sub trays from Dibellas for the main course and various other things. Dibellas sort of screwed us on 2 of the small trays. They said each small tray feeds 12 people: 3 large subs cut into quarters. However when I got home with the trays I noticed the small trays only had 9 pieces on them. The subs were cut in thirds rather than quarters giving us 6 fewer pieces than expected. I'm planning on giving them some shit about that in the next few days.

It was a very long and exhausting day, but a great one. Everything went off without a hitch, we had beautiful weather (high 80s and sunny) and everyone had a great time. Claire was a little over stimulated by the end of the day and looked how we all felt:

Claire freaking out

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