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Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

It's that time of year again! This past Sunday was the first game of the summer softball season. Well technically two Sundays ago was the first game, but that one got rained out.

I was pretty nervous going into this game. I hadn't seriously swung a bat, caught or threw a ball since last summer! Then my buddy Mike informed me that we are actually playing in an intermediate league this year. I was under the impression we were a recreational league kind of team. Maybe since we won our league last year we had to move up, but that just added to the nerves. Then Mike informed me I was covering left field which added even more nerves. I have no problems catching (usually), but I can't throw very far, which just irritates me. 

The game was really well played. The score was low on both sides and the innings were fast. In typical Harley softball fashion the other team took an early lead, but once we warmed up we kept them from getting more runs and we got a few ourselves. In the end they won 4-3. We were the "home" team so we were last at bat which gave us a chance, but we just couldn't do it. It's ok, I don't mind losing a game like that, much better than having the mercy rule called on you.


This picture isn't from that game but from the seniors vs. faculty game at school during May Day. I'm pretty sure it depicts a swing and miss... 

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