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First Father's Day

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Yesterday was my first Father's Day!

It started pretty early, around 4:30am when I got up to give Claire a pacifier. She was trying real hard to get something going in her diaper, but she was unsuccessful. It was dark and my eyes were still closed, so I was probably cramming that binky in her ear or something. I went back to sleep for about 15 minutes and repeated the whole process again. She finally stayed asleep that time.

Claire in her jumper

The morning was pretty much like every other morning. I ran over the Country Max to pick up some Weed-n-Feed for stage 2 of my lawn care strategy. I didn't have a chance to put it on, I need to mow first, but now I'm prepared for when the time comes.

Rachelle and Claire went in together on a new pair of sunglasses for me! I've been wearing the same pair of sunglasses for years now and there is a clear plastic coating on them that is now wearing off. I was very impressed, I have a hard time finding sunglasses I like for myself, I can't believe she found a pair that I like.

Father's day sunglasses

I had a softball game in the early afternoon and boy did that suck. It wasn't that our opponents were that good, we were just that terrible. It was a calamity of errors that just wouldn't stop. I struck out twice! That was the first time I have ever struck out in all the years I've been playing. I think the final score was like 15-4 or something terrible. It was a rough game.

The rest of the day was great. Rachelle made eggplant parmesan for dinner and then Claire and I took a walk around the neighborhood while Rachelle hunted down some Starbucks. She was very well behaved on our walk, which I later found out was because she was asleep the whole time. I had her strapped to my chest facing out so I couldn't see her. I guess our neighborhood is just that interesting.

I guess I would have liked to play better in my game, but other than that it was a pretty great day.

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