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Super Service

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

A few Fridays ago I found a failing drive in one of my more important servers. I went into one of my server/storage rooms looking for a spare part and I noticed the flashing amber light before the motion sensor had time to turn the lights on in the room. "Fantastic" I thought to myself, it's a Friday and one of my servers is about to explode.

dead server drive

The server in question ended up being one running VMWare and hosting about ten rather important virtual machines. I have an enterprise 4-hour response service contract on this server so I got on Dell's support page and chatted with one of their support reps.

The support guy kind of irked me a little. He didn't believe me when I said the disk was bad, and I guess he didn't believe the display on the server either that read "drive0 faulty". He wanted me to shut down the server so we could run more tests. The whole point of getting an enterprise-grade server with hot-swappable redundant drives is so you never have to turn it off. I argued with him about this for a few minutes and he finally caved in and dispatched a new drive to me.

The impressive part about this service call was that he dispatched the drive at 9:20am, and it was in my hands at 9:40am! I have no idea where this drive came from, but it arrived via FedEx in 20 minutes! I'm still astounded by that.

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