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New Tooth

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Claire got a new tooth yesterday! She's had the two bottom front ones for a few weeks now, and when they finally came in we could see little white spots where a couple tops were coming in too. One of the tops finally broke the surface yesterday. I swear it happend over night, I was looking at her gums the night before and there was no sign of it.

I was feeding her in her high-chair yesterday around 6pm and I heard a crunching sound as she was eating! Kind of like when you eat a bowl of clam chowder and get a little pocket of sand. I thought maybe something crunchy made its way into her jar of baby food, but then I remembered she didn't have opposable teeth, so she couldn't crunch anything anyway. I took a look and sure enough there was a top tooth and she was just grinding the new one up against the bottom one below it.

She has been spitting up a lot lately, which is really rare for her. I'm hoping the new tooth explains that, and not something like her being sick or not tolerating the formula. I've heard they salvate more when getting teeth which can lead to more spitting up.

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