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Happy Halloween

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Last week was Halloween! I just don't seem to get excited like I used to over this holiday. It was Claire's first Halloween, and although 10 months old is a little young to be trick-or-treating, Rachelle and her sister Meg made her a lady bug costume. The idea was to show off her cuteness to people who came to our door.

lady bug

She really didn't like her costume, but she'd tolerate it for a little while at a time. The wings went over best because she couldn't see them, so she probably had no idea they were there. The antennae were instantly ripped off.

claire in the mirror

Like with everything now, I never seem to have time to do anything. I think the only reason we actually had a pumpkin was because Rachelle's dad gave us one. Halloween day rolled around and we still hadn't carved it. During one of her naps that day I just had to do it. I usually pick a design that is rather involved and scary. This year I just free-handed a simple design. It turned out looking like it belonged on the short bus to school. But I got it done in record time!


We were waffling about what to do about trick-or-treaters after Claire's bedtime. Once she was asleep I'd be damned if I would let anything I could control wake her up. That means we really couldn't have people ringing the doorbell or knocking. And since I wasn't going to sit there next to the door waiting for kids all night, we decided to just put a bowl of candy out on the porch. From my own childhood misadventures I knew going into this idea that the bowl of candy would last about 3.5 seconds before being cleaned out. The first few kids that came up after I put it out just took a few pieces (I was creeping in the shadows watching), but sure enough the next group that came up while I was rocking Claire to sleep took it all. We had some left over terrible candy from last year so we just put that in the bowl next. Even that was gone 5 minutes later! That's ok, as long as Claire stayed asleep, which she did, that was fine with me. After the second bowl we just turned the lights out. I guess it was good that it was cold and rainy/snowy so there were fewer kids out.

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