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Christmas Tree

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Last weekend we got our Christmas tree. We were going to wrangle Claire and make a whole family affair out of it, but she only slept like 20 minutes at daycare that whole day so I was entrusted with picking out a tree on my own.

I went to Grossman's in Penfield because they have an indoor area to pick out your tree. In typical Rochester fashion it was cold as hell that day and since that place was the only one with an indoor area, that's where I went. It wasn't too expensive either, in previous years we've spend $50+ on a tree and this was only $40.

They had 2 different kinds of trees and 3 different sizes: 6-7ft, 8-9ft and then 10+ft. I liked the shape of the Fraser Fir and since we have 8ft ceilings I went into the 6-7ft section. I picked out the best looking tree in that section, but it happened to be slightly larger than 7ft tall. I can reach up and easily touch our ceilings and I couldn't come close to touching the top of this tree. I decided I'd deal with that later. Are you supposed to tip the guy that ties your the tree to the top of your car? I didn't, but the more I think about it I probably should have. At first he was like "do you want to throw it inside?" with a hopeful look his face. Since there was a trail of needles all the way from inside I didn't really want all that in my new (to me) car. I did some creative trimming to keep the shape and drop the height down enough. It fits perfectly in the room now with just enough room for the star on top.

It was a good thing that Claire tried to help us decorate the tree because we discovered very quickly that we shouldn't put any more ornaments lower down than about 30 inches. I say "any more" because she really seemed to enjoy grabbing baubles from the tree and watching them shatter as they hit the floor.

My christmas tree

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