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Omaha Steaks, leave me alone!

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

I ordered a couple gift packages from Omaha Steaks for Christmas this year. I thought I'd give them another chance to see how they handle themselves and ended up being disappointed and (sadly) not surprised.

The first time I ordered from them was also for a gift (I think) and was back around 2004. I mistakenly gave them my phone number when ordering since I would've liked to know if there was a problem with the order but all they used the number for was their telemarketing campaigns. They would always call pretty late in the evening, obviously in the hopes that people would be home from work and available to answer the phone. I didn't answer it at first because it was from an out of state number I didn't know. Then calls from this number started coming in multiple times daily, and as late as 9pm. They never left voicemails. I finally answered it one night, shot down their pitch and told them to stop calling me. The next day they called again and I told them if they call me again I'd never order from them again and instruct all my friends to never order from them again and would start a smear-campaign of my own on the internet for them. I never heard from them again.

Fast forward 6 years and I thought they might have changed their habits. This time the medium of choice was email, although since I gave them Harley's phone number, maybe they're calling school every night too. I ordered from them on 12/13 and have gotten promotional emails (not including order confirmations and shipment updates) from them daily and sometimes the same email twice a day. Their website is all ajaxy so it wouldn't work properly on my blackberry and I finally got around to opting-out on a real computer today.

The website confirmed my request and said it could take up to 10 days to get off the list! It takes 3.5 seconds to get on the list and start receiving spam, but 10 days to get off it? This company needs to get with the program and include opt-in functionality on their order submission webpages so that people who actually want their email get it, not so that all of their customers get "special offers" shoved down their throats until they cry uncle.

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