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Bristol Harbour

Monday, July 18th, 2011

We had a friend's wedding to go to on Saturday at Bristol Harbour Resort. It's about an hour away from Fairport so it wouldn't be impossible to drive there and back that night, but we rented a room at the resort for the night. Rachelle worked her magic and got her mom to babysit Claire overnight. It was the first time we've spent the night away from Claire and it was fabulous!

wedding site

After we checked into the room and started getting ready for the wedding I came to the horrifying realization that I forgot to bring my dress shoes! My heart actually stopped for a few seconds. I asked the front desk about any place I could get shoes and they said there was a JC Penny's about 20 minutes away. By this time it was 40 minutes before the wedding. I drove about 105mph there, got the only pair of size 13 black shoes they had and drove 107mph on the way back. It took me about 3 minutes to get dressed, even tying my tie correctly the first time, and got down to the ceremony with a few minutes to spare.

amber and jeff

The wedding was very nice; the ceremony was outside overlooking the lake. It was beautiful but hot! I swear it must have been 99 degrees with the sun beating down on you. The ceremony was short and sweet and then a bunch of us crawled back to our air conditioned room to wait for the reception to start. This was the first wedding reception I've been to that served dinner at different stations around the room. There was a salad station, carving station, pasta station, mashed potato station and a taco station. It was great because you could get what you wanted (and seconds) and there were a bunch of short lines rather than one huge line.

We had a very relaxed night after the wedding. The next morning we went to a little breakfast hosted by the family and drove back to town. We decided to go see the last Harry Potter movie while we still had babysitting because if not who knows when we would be able to see it. While we were waiting for the movie we went to the mall to return the shoes I bought for the wedding. I spent time making sure they were in perfect shape, no scuffs or schmutz on them and the lady who took them back didn't even look at them!

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