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Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

It's the end of summer, so that means it's time to go to Nags Head for vacation! We did things a bit different this year; rather than flying down to Richmond and staying with my sister the day before and drive to NC, we left on check-in day and flew to Norfolk where we rented a car and drove directly there. This scenario cost a bit more having to rent a car but worked out better in the end because we had our own car and only had to drive 1.5 hours to get there. The drive from Richmond is 3+ hours usually with heavy traffic.

We stayed at the same house as the last three years: Sunny Daze. I really like this house; it's big, comfortable and has great accommodations. My only annoyances with the house are splinters I get from the deck, the loud sliding door and the lack of a VGA input on the flat-screen TV.

me on the beach

Claire on the beach

The weather was beautiful the entire time we were there. Unfortunately, we were only there for 4 days. The last week in August is also in hurricane season and Irene was making her way toward us. Wednesday night we found out that all visitors were being evacuated from Dare county, so we had to leave. I got on the horn with Delta and got our flight switched from Sunday to Thursday and we packed up and left at 6am the next morning. That's when the shitfest started.

I was slightly worried about hitting traffic on the way from Nags Head to Norfolk because of the evacuation but it wasn't bad at all. Around 20 miles into the trip Claire decides to blow chunks. She's never thrown up in the car and the last time she puked was a long time ago when she was sick. We get cleaned up as much as possible and back on the road. You can imagine what the car smelled like. Luckily there was a huge swamp fire in Virginia and the car just smelled like smoke by the time we got to the rental car drop-off. Our plane was a few minutes late and then we boarded and got on the runway. Then we sat there for an hour because JFK wasn't accepting flights. When you have 2 square feet of space and a squirmy 1.5yr old on your lap an hour is an eternity. We finally get to JFK to find that our connecting flight to ROC was cancelled. I spoke with the people at the desk and they said they put us on standby on a 4pm flight and a 10pm flight. This kind of irked me, there were seats available on that 4pm flight but they said they couldn't just assign them to us we had to go standby. Of course that first flight was delayed a couple times but eventually we did get on that flight - got the last 2 seats. We checked 3 bags in Norfolk, one suitcase each and our puke covered carseat. Guess which bag they didn't lose? Yup, that puke covered car seat was the only thing on the carousel. And the final WTF for this day was while trying to pay and leave the parking lot at the airport, the machine ate my ticket and wouldn't accept any credit cards, it just locked up. There was no attendant so after getting someone on the intercom we had to wait 15 minutes for the supervisor the drive over and manually let me out of the lot. During this time I considered just ramming the gate or going "out the in" but I was a good boy.

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