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Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

quake 2Depending on how well you know me or when we met, you might know that I used to play a game called Quake 2. This game was released back in the late nineties when I was still in high school but I didn't start playing online against other people until freshman year at college.

Back then I played mostly what is commonly called free-for-all (FFA). This is where you and a bunch of other people just try to kill each other as often and as fast as possible, there isn't any organization to it. There really isn't much skill involved in this; it's fun but mostly aim and luck. I was always pretty good at FFA, but I always wanted to be a good duel player. Playing against just one other person requires so much more skill and strategy to be successful. I didn't duel much back then because I was bad at it and didn't have the patience to slowly improve my skills.

Life happened and I stopped playing sometime around 2002, much to Rachelle's pleasure. A few months ago I looked around on Youtube for a q2 video I remember seeing a long time ago and was shocked to find that there was still a small Q2 scene going! Most of the videos on Youtube were from different seasons of EDL, the European Duel League, which currently in its 10th season. I also discovered a bunch of servers in the US hosted by that are actually somewhat active.

I really don't have a lot of time to play now with Claire and everything going on, but I do play when I can and I'm actively trying to improve my game. The biggest problem I ran into is that everyone left who is still playing has been so for years and is very good. For the most part the game is fun but when you're playing someone who destroys you 30-0, it can be hard to keep a good attitude, especially when they're not very nice about it.

This is the video that inspired me. It's basically just a highlight reel from the season 4 (2007) of the European Duel League:

I actually signed up for season 10 of EDL that is going on right now. Even though it's a European thing anyone can play, you just need to be able to play against people on the other side of the world. This presents its own challenges. I'm not kicking-ass and chewing bubblegum, but I'm neither in the lowest division nor worst in my division. I'm just looking to have fun.

Most Friday nights there is an event called King of the Hill (KOTH) where anyone can sign-up to play a little mini-tournament. Obviously you play to win, and if you win your match you play again against the next guy. The last player standing wins. It's seeded so that okay players go first and the really good guys play toward the end. This video was taken during my third match (having won the first two) against a rather good player from Europe. Even though I lost I was thrilled that I played that well. A few days later I played Jakzah again and he destroyed me 10-0. Maybe I just got lucky. I've been using the name "Claire" when playing for lack of a better one.


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