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New Year's Eve

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

I'm the king of keeping things low-key. Yesterday was New Year's Eve, and I wanted nothing more than sitting at home with Rachelle and Claire. We did end up going to a friend's house for about two hours before Claire's bedtime. It was a good time and I am glad we got out for a bit to see friends, but I was happy after putting Claire to bed to sit on the couch and watch a movie.

We're a bit lame and went to bed around 11. I don't really have a problem missing out on things like midnight on New Year's Eve because in fact I didn't miss it. At midnight I was rudely woken up by my neighbors shouting, playing music and setting off fireworks. I wasn't aware that NYE is a big fireworks holiday, but I guess it is according to my neighbors. I don't know who it actually was, but they most have been very close since I found a couple spent fireworks in my flower bed the next morning.


I was amazed it didn't wake up Claire. Maybe it did, but she didn't make any noise. If she had started crying I would've gone over there in just my boxer-briefs with a baseball bat and made all of them cry.


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