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Honda Accord Milestones

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

On St. Patrick's Day, instead of making corned beef and cabbage ourselves we went to Buffalo to hang out with Rachelle's family. During this trip we hit a few milestones with our Honda Accord.

First, on the trip there we hit 100,000 miles! Sadly I didn't even notice. Rachelle mentioned it on the way home when we were about 100+ past the big number.

While we were there Rachelle somehow conned her brother into washing her car. Her mom helped out and discovered the first significant rust spot on the car. I hadn't noticed it because it was on the top of the car just above the windshield of all places and it hadn't broken through the paint yet, it was just in the "iron worms" phase.


The next day I took out my Dremel and even though it killed me to do so ground off all the paint and rust I could find in this spot. I had to act fast because the rust was creeping toward the rubber around the windshield and if it got under there I would never be able to stop it without taking out the windshield. I painted the spot with XO Rust and once that dries I can paint over it with touch up paint.


rust 3

Living in Rochester for six years and driving 100,000 miles without growing any rust is a major accomplishment for this car. Obviously it wouldn't last forever, but I'm sad because now that this process has started, it'll never stop. I'll just have to keep up with it.

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