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What To Do: Forgetting Someone's Name

Monday, March 4th, 2013

I'm bad with names - like terrible. It's just a mental thing with me I guess, I remember faces very well, I just can't match a name unless it's like the 4th time hearing it. As a result I will rarely say "hi <person's name>", I'll almost always just say "hi". I found this online this morning and thought it was really smart:

When you forget someone's name just ask them very casually, "hey, what's your name again?" They'll tell you their first name and probably think you're a douche for not remembering. Then you say "No no, sorry, I meant your last name." They'll tell you and go back to thinking your and awesome person while at the same time giving you their first and last names without insulting them. Just write it down that time, it probably won't work more than once on the same person...

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