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Claire's 5th Birthday

Monday, January 12th, 2015

It seems like just yesterday I was dangling my sweatshirt strings in front of Claire to distract her enough to drink her bottle for me. Today she turns five years old. She picks out her own clothes, takes on the role of the 3rd teacher in her nursery classroom, folds towels better than I can and frequently enjoys informing me of everything I'm doing wrong.

claire sledding

claire and me sledding

Since her actual birthday was on a Monday we had a party for her on the Saturday before. We took a pretty big gamble by doing a sledding party at the Perinton Community Center. There is a huge hill there and they have some great party rooms you can rent for just such occasions. We picked a room that had an exterior door so the kids could go in and out and not drag snow and mud into the building and make a huge mess.

It did snow a little in the days leading up to the party which we needed. Not a huge amount ut just enough. What we didn't expect was the temperature. For days leading up to the party it was very cold, like single digits. The morning of the party, the thermometer in my kitchen was reading 8°f. I figured the kids would last about 5 minutes out on the hill and give up, which could have been problematic because we only had one craft to do with them and a couple games. To my surprise, we (myself included) were out there going up and down the hill for like 45 minutes! Even some of the kids who I knew were apprehensive just of the cold stayed out there and had a great time. We ended up getting these cheap little "sled" things as a favor for each kid. That way they could use that sled if they didn't bring one and they had a slightly more lasting favor than the usual bag of candy and little toys that get broken or lost instantly. We brought a bunch of sleds too for everyone to share.

nolan at claire's party


I thought the day turned out great. Everyone seemed to have a good time (even Nolan) and we succeeded in throwing a relatively inexpensive and unique party. I think next year we'll do a small family-only affair though, I was totally beat after that day.

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