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Outer Banks - Day 4

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

It looked like it was going to rain today but the weather ended up being beautiful. I was successful in dragging Rachelle into the surf for a while, but the place we were had some pretty strong currents and so our swim ended up being pretty short. I went in again in the afternoon and found that maybe 50 feet south and 50 feet farther out there were no currents and it was pretty shallow. Too bad I didn't figure this out earlier. I rode some waves for about an hour and got my ass handed to me a few times. I took my cheap waterproof camera out with me and got some pretty cool video. Four hours later I got most of the water out that was stuck in my ears.

Last night we kept Claire up a little later than usual and took her down to the beach in the dark to look for crabs. They were all over the place! She thought it was awesome for about 30 seconds and then thought they were out to get her.

So far the only part of my body to get sunburned was my nose today. I've been using that spray sunblock and I just cover my eyes (and nose) when I spray my face. I guess I should go back and do my nose after that 

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