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Lunch at an Art Museum

Saturday, December 10th, 2005

On Friday a bunch of coworkers and I were invited by my boss and the head of the Advancement Office for a catered lunch at this odd art museum in town called Artisan Works. Very strange place. It is like a warehouse that is stuffed to the gills with all sorts of art. The guy that owns the place actually owns all of the art and like 99% of the stuff there is for sale. There are a few "areas" where local artists can keep their stuff and create more.

Lunch was great. They had Chicken French, Veggie Lasagne, Caesar Salad, some kind of rice and this really good caramel cheesecake for dessert. I'm not a big wine (or any booze) drinker but they also had a lot of wine for everyone.

After lunch one guy that worked there took us on a tour of the place. There was all sorts of neat stuff there: sculptures, paintings, cars, motorcycles, stuff that just looked like junk to me (but I'm sure can be considered "art"), pictures of naked women everywhere and I even saw a near-life-sized statue of an Ent. The coolest thing I found was a Harley Davidson constructed entirely out of wood!

Wooden Harley 1 Wooden Harley2

Definitely check this place out if you get the chance!

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