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Work Calls at Home

Monday, January 16th, 2006

Today everyone left to go back home. Since they had a 6 hour drive and Kelly had to catch a ferry back to Long Island they had to leave pretty early. 10am is early for me on a weekend. So just after they leave while I'm eating my waffles the house phone rings. I look at the tv (caller ID on TV) and see the last name of someone I work with. I didn't answer it...and they didn't leave a message. This kind of annoys me because it was 10am on a holiday and I'm sure it was some stupid question that really could have waited 1 day until we are back at work. I would have been really pissed off if that call woke me up.

I used to have my cell phone number on the phone list at work. Then everyone started calling for every stupid little problem on my cell phone before they would email or call my office. I actually got a call last summer on the beach in North Carolina about some printer problem even though my office voicemail said I would be on vacation and not to call me.

The day after I got back from North Carolina I asked to have my cell number removed from the list. It's a shame I had to do that because I would like people to call me if there is an emergency (fire, explosion or theft) but not for things like printers running out of paper. Sometimes I think people just need to take a few seconds and a few deep breaths and think about what they are doing. It would make everyone's life easier.

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