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Spring Break

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

I really enjoyed this past spring break. At the beginning we went down to Jersey (which you can read all about below in the Easter in NJ post). We had to come back on Monday because Rachelle had grad class the next day. The rest of the week was absolutely beautiful (weather wise) with the exception of the weekend.

I modified my bike so it is more comfortable to ride. The hand bars were way too low and far forward to ride for any length of time. So I ordered a set of curved bars from some place online and bought a new adjustable stem from the Park Ave Bike Shop down the street. I ended up having to get longer brake and shifting cables because the old ones weren't long enough for the bars when they are raised up. I also ended up getting a new seat and some ergonomic grips. It's like a new bike now! So it might look a little silly now with the bars up so high but I don't care, it's so much easier to ride. I bought Rachelle a nice new bike for her birthday so now we can ride all around together.

I also replaced the right front wheel bearing on my car during this vacation week. I figured I had the time, almost all of the required tools and was willing to give it a shot to save myself a few hundred dollars. I called around and found out it would cost $300 for just that one wheel! No thanks. $100 later and the car is smooth and silent (at least the wheel is). If you're interested you can read all about changing an 1986 Jeep Cherokee wheel bearing, complete with pictures.

Out of the blue, Jason decided he wanted to visit last weekend. Rachelle and I already had plans to go to Buffalo for her birthday dinner with her parents on Saturday so we dragged Jason with us. He got to go with us to our wedding reception place to pick out the food too. When we were just sitting around her parents' house we broke out the laptops and played some Quake 3. We were pretty even the first game, but then I handed his ass back to him the other games. Her parents made steak and seafood-stuff flounder and some other stuff with an awesome cake for dessert. It was great. Sunday was spent recovering from dinner the previous night. Too bad it rained all weekend while Jason was up; I would have liked to go for a walk or bike ride or just hanging outside.

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#1 - Apr 26, 2006 at 7:04 AM
I had to have both front wheel bearings replaced on my old escort. John tried to do it for me -buying the parts was cheap. We ended up needing some kind of big press to get the pieces apart and he couldn't find any place that rented them so I had to pay $500 something. Stupid Fords.
#2 - Apr 26, 2006 at 8:17 AM
That sucks. I was afraid that was going to happen to me, but luckily they sell hubs with the new bearing already pressed in for my car. I guess they wanted to make it easy to replaced out in the wilderness when you bust a bearing while off-roading.

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