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Play Ball!

Monday, June 5th, 2006

Recently at work Mike emailed a bunch of guys asking if anyone wanted to start a softball team. I thought it sounded fun so I agreed to be on the team. I was pretty nervous because I hadn't swung a bat or thrown a softball since high school gym class, and I vaguely remember sucking at both anyway. Then I heard that many of the other players were in the same position and that we are playing in a beginner's league, so it wasn't that bad.

We had a practice this past Friday to sort of scrape the rust off which was a great idea; I was really freaking about the first game on Sunday. Schifty gave me some tips when it was my turn to practice batting and they really helped. I didn't really warm up or stretch before the practice and ended up pulling just about every muscle in my body.

I got a call Sunday morning from Mike saying that the plan changed and that because of how the teams worked out we had to play two games back to back that night. Wonderful. I assumed that the games would be easier than the practice because there would be a lot of down time. This was true, there was down time but the non-down times were way more strenuous. The first game was against some team sponsored by Jeremiah's Tavern. They all had matching uniforms and looked like they meant business. They did. We got our asses pretty much handed to us. They have a rule in the league where if at any time a team is winning by 11 runs the game is over, even if it is only in the first inning. Yeah, the game ended pretty early. I had fun and I know everyone else did so it was ok. The second game was worse. This team, also sponsored by Jeremiah's, was not a bunch of beginners and had no business playing us. They were really fast, and could all whack the ball pretty far. One of them hit a foul ball that actually hit a girl on the foot who was standing by the next field down. They weren't very nice either. Oh well. By the end of the game the Ibuprofen I took was wearing off and my legs were killing. That game officially ended early too, but they decided to keep playing.

I'm glad I joined the team; I'm not very athletic, but it's fun and might get me into a little better shape.

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