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Age:38.2335 years
Height:6 feet 3 inches
Favorite Color:#CCCCFF
Occupation:IT Director


Originally Basking Ridge, NJ. I attended Robin's Nest nursery school, Oak Street for grades k-3, Cedar Hill for grades 4-5, William Annen for grades 6-8, and Ridge High for 9-12.

I moved to Rochester, NY in 1998 when I went to college at RIT. I graduated from RIT in December of 2002 and got a job as a Network Administrator at a local k-12 private school.


I'm the Director of Information Technology at a school called The Harley School. I am in charge of all the computers (~300), servers (~30) and networking equipment (routers and switches). I started working at Harley on December 2nd, 2002 right after I officially graduated from RIT. I did all my Co-ops for RIT at Harley when I redesigned their network for a class project.

I really like working at Harley, it fits well with my personality. I am a very relaxed person in general and Harley has a very relaxed atmosphere. I like that I don't have to put on a monkey suit every day, I can show up in jeans if I want.

What other jobs have I had?

When I was in college I worked for the RIT Tech Crew. We did lighting and sound reinforcement for events on campus. This was the best job to have in college. The hours were very flexible; you could sign up for jobs when you wanted to. Very convenient during test/exam time. Not only that but you get to play with very large sound systems. I worked my way up to a supervisor after a few years which put me in charge of larger gigs like concerts on campus and big events with special people (open house, convocation, yadayada). I was very sad when I had to leave that job.

The only other job I've had was working at Burger King (store #4503). Yeah I know that sounds lame, but I started when I was 15. My best friend was already working there so he said I should try it. It was really fun. I was there for 5 years, and worked my way up to manager. That job was only fun because of the people I worked with. Fast food is the WORST industry to get a part-time job in. It may be very easy, and the pay isn't terrible, but dealing with hungry customers gets annoying.