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What do I like to do with my time?

...All sorts of things. As you can probably guess, I'm a computer nerd. I wasn't so much in high school, but I found my true calling in college. I like doing just about anything with computers.

I make websites (duh), although not very well. I say this because I'm more on the programming side of web development rather than on the design side. So my website might not look very good, they are usually pretty well coded and conform to all the standards. I'm also proud that I do all my sites by hand. I don't use Dreamweaver, Frontpage or any of those ridiculous programs that generate terribly bloated code.

I used to be big into video games, but as time goes on I do less and less of that. I started playing Quake 2 when I got to college and was instantly hooked. There's nothing like playing in a deathmatch with your entire floor in the dorms while everyone is screaming at each other.

I'm also a quasi audiophile. I take great pleasure in tinkering with home and car audio systems. I'm kind of a cheap bastard so I never get the latest and greatest audio gear, but I will never be without a home theater or with a system-less car. It's just natural for an audiophile computer nerd to combine his passions. I've built a working PVR for my home theater that also can play my MP3s, emulator games and downloaded movies. If you're interested you should check out my home theater pc project page. So now that the HTPC is working great, I'm working on a similar project for my car, the carputer. This is basically just a small computer in the car attached to a touch-screen monitor. I'd use it for playing music while driving, but you can also use them for just about anything.

Some Interests of Mine